Name of the brand PIGMEE

Date of creation 23/06/2010

Country of origin France  Countries of production France, Marocco and India

Name of the founder Florence Bories

Nbre of employees Only me

Nbre of sales points  40, including  Serendipity, Pois Plume, Laurette

Own e-store ? Coming soon

Company statement Pigmée is living in a universe in which adults and children are growing up in harmony. A family living together sharing the same essential values in esthetics and discoveries. A sensibility that appeals to all generations.

What makes Pigmee unique ? A come back to origins: fabrics and colors are inspired from vintage toys in order to keep simplicity and softness with a handmade touch. The doll I created is neither a character, nor an animal, there is no front, no back or face. Pigmée allows every child to use their imagination. Far away from the marketed super-hero and impersonal tinsel toy, the Pigmée doll stimulates eclectic imagination and original adventures that evolve with children boy or girl.

What pieces are part of the collection? Dolls (who comes into 5 sizes in 5 fabrics), cushions, pendant lamps (that come in 4 sizes and 3 colors, swings.

Main materials used 100% coton, wood, satin, wool, lace…

A quote from a client or journalist?

From ebabee :  “[highlight2]Pigmee is what I am seriously in love with[/highlight2].  They create these soft toys which are neither an animal nor a character; they are whatever your child wants them to be.  They also make the most beautiful white cotton garlands and stunning light pendants wrapped in lace. [highlight2]Their offerings are so poetic, so beautiful, so magical[/highlight2].  Imagine a room with the lace adorned pendant, I can just picture the soft light dancing around the walls.”

From Bodie and Fou : “The first time I saw Pigmée, [highlight2]I knew I was in front of something very special[/highlight2]. There it was… standing in front me, [highlight2]beautifully made in textured cotton[/highlight2]. With no back or front, with nothing imposed on him, in all its simplicity, it laid down its soul and its story to tell and I knew it was the kind of thing we all want for our children. Something very special to let them be children…just a little bit longer while they can”.

Pigmee will be showing at Playtime Paris