Brand name : Winter Water Factory – Website :

Date of creation : 2003

Country of origin : USA – Country  of production : USA

Name of the founders : Stefanie Lynen and Todd Warnock

Number of employees : 1

Number of sales points : 150, including Sweet William, Fiddlesticks, Kreatelier

Own e-store  : Yes, launched in 2005

Company statement or tag line : Certified organic, made in USA from start to finish

What makes the brand  stand out : Great prints, unique, kid-friendly designs, eco-friendly fabrics, local production, and creating jobs in the US.

A quote from a client or journalist : Winter Water Factory makes it easy to get ready for school in the morning, my kids actually want to put on the clothes!

How many pieces per collection : about 100 (20 styles, 20 prints)

Main materials used : GOTS certified organic cotton

Your trade show planning for next season : ENK children’s club October

Plans for the future : we now have reps in Japan and Italy.

Name of the photographer for the images sent : Todd Warnock

Winter Water Factory


Winter Water Factory