Brand name : Milibe

Website :

Date of creation : 2002

Country of origin : Denmark

Name of owner/founder(s) : Mille Milt & Maria Raben

Countries of production : Turkey / India

Number of employees : 10

In how many countries is the brand present? 20 countries – Stores include  Sweet William New York, Kids of luxuryElias&

Own e-store : Yes, since 2013

Own store  : Yes, Gammel Kongevej 92, 1850 Frederiksberg C, Copenhagen.

Company statement or tag line : Milibe, a scent of childhood..

What makes the brand unique : Distinct language for fashion conscious parents and children with comfort, eco-tex quality, stunning color combinations and recognizable stripes.

A quote from a client or journalist : From Blogger, Does Mummy Love It?: Denmark based Milibe Copenhagen produces simple, yet fashion-forward children’s clothing. The line will quickly become a staple in your child’s wardrobe!

Product range  : Kids Wear from newborn – 14 years.

How many pieces per collection : 75

Main materials used : Cotton

Your trade show planning for next season : Playtime Paris, Playtime NY, Ciff Copenhagen

List of agents &distributors : See

Plans for the future? : If all goes well, agents in Australia/New Zealand, Germany, Japan, Benelux…

Name of the photographer for the images sent : Danish fotographer Franne Voigt