This Summer saw an extremely successful launch for Portuguese new label Barn of Monkeys. Their first collection gathered huge interest and accolade during the SS18 selling season, and rightfully so. This is a brand new label with an expansive range of references and wonderful storytelling contained in this, their inaugural collection. A favourite feature is the removable pockets with strong poppers typifying the high quality and detailing found in their garments. This together with impressive imagery and a strong brand identity means even at first viewing you can’t help but stop, look and find out more…

We chat with head designer David Pinto to gain some insight as to why their collection and label is stopping people in their tracks at the shows, becoming both the #Pirouette12Watch label winner and then going on to become the ‘Rising Star’ at Bubble London. Let’s find out more.

Pirouette One to watch winners : Barn of monkeys - David Pinto
David Pinto, Head designer Barn of Monkeys

Pirouette One to watch winners : Barn of monkeys

What’s your background? And how did you get into design for the children’s market? Ever since I was young, fashion design has always been the big dream and I couldn’t picture myself doing anything but that for the rest of my life!

I graduated and mastered in Fashion Design from Universidade da Beira Interior and participated in a few international contests. My master’s thesis theme was unisex fashion and its importance in fighting gender stereotypes, and I knew I wanted to turn this into a project I would devote to. Luckily, I was given the opportunity to make this happen when I met investors with great knowledge of the textile market who shared my ideals and were looking for someone who could design a new brand from scratch. In that moment, Barn of Monkeys was born and my passion for children’s fashion has been growing ever since!

What do you believe good kid’s design to be…? Comfy, fun and… organic! Children’s wear must always be practical and adjusted to their agitated lives.

Where do you find the inspiration for your collections? Well, everywhere, to be honest! The world is full of beautiful things, but most people simply do not pay attention.
I believe the best way to design garments for children is to get in touch with our inner child and follow our instincts. I try to design styles with a meaning, a purpose, a strong drive. And when I put my beliefs into my sketches, I see wearable statements coming to life and sending a message to the world.

Describe the Barn of Monkeys range of products? Barn of Monkeys creates garments for children and teenagers with ages between 2 and 16 years old. Most of the clothing is unisex and perfectly fit for both boys and girls, but we still choose to add a few boyish or girlish designs every now and then to make the collection more versatile.

What are the main materials you use? Most of the collection is eco-friendly! Organic cotton is definitely our best ally in our struggle to make the world a better place. In fact, everyone should start using organic fabrics right now!

In how many countries can you find Barn of Monkeys? So far, Barn of Monkeys will be found in 10 countries (3 continents). Our first collection, DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE SS18 will only debut in physical stores in January and we’re still meeting with a few store owners.

Countries of manufacturing? Our production is exclusively made in Portugal.
We know all the right people, each with their special talent and altogether they are the recipe for our success!

In fact, it is well known that the Portuguese textile manufacturers are some of the best in the world and so quality is always ensured.

Where would you like to take Barn of Monkeys in the future? To the world!
 We have only just started but we’re ambitious and confident that this project will continue to be very well received worldwide.

The fashion industry is saturated, complex and full of ideas. Our minimalistic yet sophisticated style is what we consider a futuristic approach to the concept of fashion.

Any news from when we last spoke? Well, yes! We’re already working on our second collection, Fall-Winter 18, and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

What Trade Shows will we find you next season? So, for next season we will be attending Pitti Bimbo, Playtime Paris and Bubble London. And for the very first time we will be making our first move to Playtime New York and Tokyo.

Finally, where will you keep your Pirouette One to Watch Wolf headpiece award? In our headquarters, in the room where all the magic happens! The Pirouette One to Watch wolf headpiece will always have a special meaning to us since it was our first.

Some Pirouette #CoupdeCouer pieces from the forthcoming DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE Collection by Barn of Monkeys

Pirouette One to watch winners : Barn of monkeys : demand the impossible

Pirouette One to watch winners : Barn of monkeys : demand the impossible

Pirouette One to watch winners : Barn of monkeys : demand the impossible

Pirouette One to watch winners : Barn of monkeys : demand the impossible

Pirouette One to watch winners : Barn of monkeys : demand the impossible

Pirouette One to watch winners : Barn of monkeys : demand the impossible

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