Rachelle Wilde is the author of Kenziepoo blog and editor ofLa Petite Mag. Rachelle is nuts about everything related to children’s design. She created her blog to help and inspire moms, or soon to be moms, about nursery decor and childrens items. “Moms everywhere want the best for their children” she says. Kenziepoo was just voted number 20 in the top 50 design blogs for moms onbabble.com, andLa Petite Mag’s 3rd issue will be released in February. Pirouette wanted to know more about passionated Rachel.


What did you want to be as an adult when you were a child?I wanted to be fashion designer. Even at a young age,I always would read lots of fashion magazines, books etc…I still have aspirations of one day designing my own kids clothing line.

Where do you live and what you like about it?I live in Boise, Idaho. Pronouced, {Boy-see not Boy-zee}. It is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Idaho. Located on the Boise River. I love this city and have lived here since I was 4 years old. I love the fact that we have 4 breathtakingly beautiful seasons here in Idaho. It is such a lovely city, and I am so proud to live here!



What children’s brands really get you hooked?I have so many brands that I love, but here are a few that I am really impressed with: Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Antik Batik, BB +++, Bandit Bambi, Shampoodle, Atsuyo et Akiko, Wovenplay.

What makes you dream at the moment?My adorable little daughter make me dream, my muse. Her name is Kenziepoo which my husband and I so affectionately call her. She is a fun loving little 2 year old. Who loves to talk, and play with friends & family.
What story did you read last night to little Kenzie ?She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so she always wants me to read her Mickey books!
What is your favorite image at the moment?I love this image I found via Daydream Lily by FC United Photography.