Brand name Ada Ada – Company name Ada Ada- Baby and Kids fashion

Date of creation 2009

Country of origin Israel / USA – Country of production Portugal

Name of the founders Ada & Miriam Bernstein

Nunber of employees 6

Number of sales points  64, including  Sweet William – USA, Shak-Shuka – Netherlands, Charlie’s Bucket – Australia, Little Pinwheel – Australia

Own e-store No

Style or company statement Ada Ada designs urban, cool fashion for babies and kids We invest in creating the perfect fit to allow maximum comfort and chic, so kids would love to wear them!

The use of natural fabrics of the highest quality, the groovy, comfortable designs and always unique color line ensure that each collection is identified with the label’s vision and beliefs.

Each collection is presently available for babies and children from the ages of new born to eight years old.

What makes the brand stand out? Ada Ada is unique in many ways. Mainly we out stand for our well considered patterns, which are very carefully adjusted for a perfect, comfortable and chic fit. Also we are very unique in our vision of colors, chosen to describe each collection’s theme, and is always inspired from natural, subtle urban and earth tones.

A quote from a client or journalist? “The line’s got sophistication and just the right amount of edge, pretty much total perfection.” Said Megan Scott

How many pieces per collection In our upcoming winter 12/13 collection, we will be presenting 130 pieces

Main materials used 100% Cotton fabrics