Brand name: Misha and Puff

Company name: Misha and Puff


Date of creation: 2011

Country of origin: Designed in MA, USA

Countries of manufacturing:  Produced in Peru

Name of owner/founder: Anna Wallack

Number of employees: 4

In how many countries is the brand present: 14

Company statement: We believe in making beautiful, functional pieces to last forever.

What makes the brand unique:  We’re always about quality, and working ethically.

A favourite quote from a client or journalist: “Sweet-smelling, wrinkly toed babies dressed in soft, knitted clothes are what maternal dreams are made of. And no one does that style better than Misha and Puff, All pieces feature exquisite attention to detail and are spun out of hand-dyed merino wool yarn. The pieces are true keepsakes and will last year after year after year” – Mother Mag

Products: Knits. Sweaters, dresses, bloomers, booties, scarfs, hats, sunsuits, and rompers.

How many pieces per collection: 100+

Main materials used: 100% Merino Wool, and 100% Pima Cotton

Your trade show planning for next season: Playtime Paris & New York

Misha and Puff ss17

The brand’s SS17 collection is inspired by the summer days of our youth, innocent time spent with friends by the lakes of Maine, indulging in nature and the beauty of the surroundings. Colors stemming from dreamy memories of dusty pine groves, lakeside lilypads, beautiful midnight skies and the stillness of the water can be seen through the cool summer palette of natural indigos, pinks and dark rust throughout the charming collection of vintage-inspired silhouettes. 

Misha and Puff ss17 merino wool

Misha and Puff SS17

Misha and Puff ss17

Misha and Puff ss17

Misha and Puff ss17