Brand name : Hilda.Henri

Company name : Hilda.Henri Vienna

Website :

Date of creation : 2013

Country of origin : Austria

Countries of production : 70% Austria, 30% neighbouring countries

Name of owner/founder(s) : Verena Wondrak and Mirkus Hahn

Number of employees : 3

Number of sales points ? In how many countries is the brand present? : 35 retailers worldwide in 14 countries

Own e-store ? : yes,, created in 2014

3 stores that are loyal to you ? : Ladida, Klade Childrenswear, Posh

Where to find the brand online? :,

Company statement or tag line : We are dedicated to styles allowing kids`personalities shine through.

What makes the brand unique ? :

  • Working with very special fabrics, for example liberating the erstwhile Alpine farming fabric boiled wool from the context of traditional costumes and breathing new life into it
  • Working with own handmade prints
  • Special refinements by using both modern and traditional techniques (like airbrush or wooden stamps)

A quote from a client or journalist? : “Here’s a range of children’s couture that really makes me want to pack everything up and move the family to an Austrian alpine farmhouse, but since that doesn’t seem likely, I’ll content myself in knowing that great style looks great everywhere.“ (Babyology)

Products ? : Special styles for kids and teens made from fabrics of the highest quality

How many pieces per collection ? : about 15 styles in different kinds of designs: 35-40 items

Main materials used ? : Boiled wool, linen, cotton, silk

Your trade show planning for next season? : Playtime Paris, Playtime New York

List of agents/distributors ? : For the moment we`ve decided to keep sales in our own hands – in order to communicate our essentials personally. For the future we are open for collaborations

Plans for the future ? :

  • Opening an own small manufactory in the heart of Vienna where people can get a taste of what makes Hilda.Henri special
  • Collaborating with more beautiful shops all over the world, especially in Asia

Name of the photographer for the images sent ? : Jan Scheutzow Campaign AW16/Pitti Bimbo Catwalk Apartment Couture